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We know that employers are seeking various ways to either gain or maintain their position in the market whether they are small, medium or large in size. Survival may not necessarily be their main objective. Thus, they would be happy to support with job vacancies, work experience opportunities, placements for work-based learning and so on.

What about being a market leader? What about an objective of Growth? and what about increasing profit margins? The bottom line is those objectives cannot be achieved without the appropriate staff that could add value to the organisation, hence, the need for a relevant or up to date qualification with a professional approach. Learners Progress College and or partners within our Courses and Jobs referral network can guarantee both: a ‘relevant qualification’ and our learners and service users within our network will be taught the ‘professional approach’.

16-18 and 19+ PROVISION
We are committed to ensure that our 16-18 learners are given bespoke support in order to enhance their progression into employment and or university and so on
Within our courses and jobs network we are committed to ensure that we play a vital role in reducing the number of 16-18s who are not economically or academically active thus fostering progression
This commitment comes with a resolution to continue working in partnership with stakeholders including the local community to re-engage young people in society and raise the aspirations of those who are also on the verge of giving up
Our untrained students, jobseekers and scheme service users are guaranteed the opportunity to progress a qualification from recognised awarding bodies and will be referred to high-quality employers, service and course providers and charities for support to enhance their progression and career opportunities
Learners Progress College exists because we are passionate and do have the drive in ensuring that experienced adults and young people are given maximum opportunity to embark on a career through progression. We appreciate that this is only achievable through an effective referral scheme where quality and passionate, employee and student focused organisations work together within a hub and thus our “Courses and Jobs Referral Network.

We work with these individuals through education and training and then introduce them to employers within our Courses and Jobs Network or non-network related employers for long term or part-time work and also placements.

Our highlight is actually the reviews from our learners, parents, professionals within our network and so on.

We also work in partnership with various employment Agencies and Local Authorities in supporting very experienced and in-experienced people back into work and as such are actively involved with out-reach programmes, finding young people who are not in education, employment or training and assisting them to find paid work, work experience or access a traineeship or an apprenticeship and so on. This we have been doing consistently with the support of partners.

We also have an effective student recruitment and engagement team who supports learners on courses at the appropriate level through robust and effective Career, Information, Advice and Guidance(CIAG) sessions.

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